The world's first solar-powered house on wheels

Stella Vita

Stella Vita is a Self-Sustaining House On Wheels. This means that it is self-sufficient in terms of energy. Thanks to solar panels on the roof, it is independent of charging stations. Stella Vita generates enough solar energy to drive, shower, watch TV, charge your laptop and make coffee.

Get to know Stella Vita 

Solar Team Eindhoven

We are Solar Team Eindhoven, a team of 22 enthusiastic and ambitious students from the Eindhoven University of Technology. We strive for a sustainable future, where life is powered by the sun. As a student team, we have the power and freedom to be innovative. Not limited by market demands we can start the design process from scratch and free ourselves from preconceptions. This means that we, unlike the industry, can bridge the gap between technological innovation and our daily life. This allows us to innovate fast in a short time. By creating innovative, energy-efficient solar vehicles we inspire the current market and society to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future - in both mobility and energy.
  • 22

    team members

  • 2021

    development year

We are going to make a tour through Europe where we will visit multiple places to do events and inspire the local communities. We will start in Eindhoven and drive to the most southern part of Spain, Tarifa.

  • Travel without harming the environment

    Travel without harming the environment

    With Stella Vita you can travel wherever you want on the energy of the sun. 

  • Road legal

    Road legal

    Stella Vita is officially allowed on the public roads and has a license plate. 

  • The future of a self-sufficient lifestyle

    The future of a self-sufficient lifestyle

    Stella Vita contains everything you need to live comfortably. A shower, bed, kitchen, sofa, TV and toilet. 

  • Self-sustaining and independent

    Self-sustaining and independent

    Stella Vita is self-sufficient in terms of energy and independent of charging stations by using solar panels on the roof. 

To build a solar vehicle you have to do proper research. During the project, we went through several stages. Are you curious to know how Stella Vita is made?



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