The region attracts many tourists for its wine. At Maison Éco citoyenne, in the centre of Bordeaux, we will hold a conference for residents about our mission. We will also speak to the deputy mayor of Bordeaux and her officials.


Some well deserved rest

After successfully completing the first full stage on the road with Stella Vita, we were satisfied, but a little bit tired as well. Luckily the stop in Preignac was the longest stop on our journey and the team could get some well deserved rest. The accomodation in Preignac was very nice, as we stayed in a beautiful chateau with the whole team. We took the time in Preignac to chill and have fun, with a great karaoke night, and of course to do some work on Stella Vita. You can always improve your self-built vehicle, so there is always some work to do.

Eco-Citizen House Bordeaux

Even though we slept in Preignac, the main purpose of our stay here was to visit Bordeaux. Therefore, on Thursday we presented Stella Vita at the Eco-Citizen House in Bordeaux, or the “Maison Ecocitoyenne Bordeaux Métropole”. It was nice to be able to show our creation to the people of this beautiful and vibrant city. After displaying Vita outside of the Eco-Citizen House, we gave a conference to the deputy mayor of Bordeaux about our project. The mayor's office was so enthusiastic about our presence in Bordeaux, that they very kindly invited us to have lunch at the city hall the next day. When we were there, another deputy of the mayor gave us a nice speech and welcomed us in the incredibly beautiful city hall, where we then had a very tasty lunch.

Arts et Métiers ParisTech - Campus de Bordeaux

On friday we visited the campus of Arts et Métiers in Bordeaux. It felt weird, but good, to be back in a lecture hall after more than a year. We got a nice tour around the campus of this engineering school. It was cool to find a lot of similarities between the research projects going on at Arts et Métiers and our own project.

Unfortunately we were not able to continue our journey over the public roads with Stella Vita due to some (very) bad weather. Let’s hope the weather is better in Spain.