Our last stop before the final stage. Another great opportunity to inspire the people of Spain. We will visit the university to inspire the employers and employees of the future and show how they can make a difference.


The further south we go, the more beautiful nature becomes. Also, the hills become steeper and steeper. During the stage from Toledo to Tarifa, we drove in such a beautiful nature. It was really great not to drive over the toll road, but just to enjoy all the natural beauty of Spain.


The steeper hills were something we definitely noticed while we were driving with Stella Vita. Because the hills were getting steeper it was important to have a close eye on the temperatures of our motors, breaks and cooling of the motor. Also, because the temperature where we were driving in (25 degrees) is not the same as in the Netherlands. Therefore, our strategy team, that is driving close in front of Stella Vita, had a very important job to communicate with the components of Stella Vita as well as with the drivers. They did a very good job and got Stella Vita safe and sound to her next stop.

Photo by Rien Boonstoppel


Luckily, we had a lot of sun while camping in Cordoba. This was for us the perfect moment to do a photoshoot with Stella Vita. We took some beautiful pictures of Stella Vita in nature and all the components that make her so great. The steep hills also gave very nice pictures of a driving Stella Vita. 

Besides that, we got the opportunity to take some footage at an airport in Cordoba. This was a unique moment because not many people are allowed to do that.

Photo by Rien Boonstoppel


While we were in Cordoba we got the chance to talk with fellow students and inspire them about what you can do as a student.

Photo by Rien Boonstoppel