Île de Ré

The drive to and stay in Île de Ré will be dominated by traveling on sustainable energy. Because we strive for a journey on solar energy only, this means that we also have to stop to recharge our vehicle and enjoy the journey and the beautiful nature around us. Here we will get in touch with other travelers to show the future of travelling

The Island of Île de Ré

When you enter Île de Ré you have to go across a beautiful bridge that brings you from the mainland to the Island. This gives you a great view across the sea. Unfortunately at that time Stella Vita was still in the trailer due to the rainy conditions, because she is completely waterproof yet. When we arrived at the camping we set up everything and prepared the team for the next day. We discussed what needed to be done to make sure that we could drive no matter the weather forecast.

Team work makes the dream work

The next day was it time to make Stella Vita waterproof, but before that happened we had a team activity where we defied the water. Thanks to the university we got some lessons in surfing to bring the team closer on this trip.After we activity it was time to make vita ready. We all worked hard into the late hours to make sure we could drive.

The first full stage

They say that hard work pays of. That was especially true after this week, where we had a lot of events and spent almost every free minute in to fixing Stella Vita. We drove from Il de Ré all the way to Preignac. A route of 280 kilometers on the open road. We saw everything; we drove over the beautiful bridge, small country roads and even stood in a traffic jam around Bordeaux. All in all the complete holiday experience