Le Mans

Known for the 24-hour race at the Circuit de la Sarthe. During our visit, we will place Stella Vita on La place du jet d'eau during the festival Forever Young. 

After Paris, we left for Le Mans. In Le Mans, ofcourse known for the 24-hour race, we arrived at a beautiful accommodation at Chateau de Chanteloup during the evening. We still had some things to look at with Vita, eventhough she drove some kilometres at Renault, and looked at this on Friday evening and Saterday morning.


Vita back on the road

Le mans was also the moment we managed to fix the technical issues with Vita. We still had to validate some things, and make sure Vita worked safely. After an extensive exit-test Vita, the team decided that Vita could go back on the road again. This was a very exciting moment for us, where Vita drove from the Chateau to Le Mans in the beautiful landscape on the power of the sun. This was our first real long stage on the public road towards the city centre of Le Mans.  

Forever Young 

On Saturday, we placed Stella Vita on La Place du Jet D'eau. Forever Young, a cultural festival in Le Mans. Here we showcased our vehicle, and talked to the people of Le Mans about our project and what we believe to be the future of sustainable mobility and living. We also talked with some professors of Le Mans University, where we had interesting conversations about the student team culture in Eindhoven, and also the engineering and students behind our vehicle. 
After the festival, Vita returned to the Chateau, where we had a team BBQ to relax ahead of driving a long trip to Île de Ré!