The City of Love. During our stay in Paris, we will have an event at the Dutch residence to talk about the importance of open innovation. Finally, we will visit the Renault design center to discuss how mobility can play a role in a sustainable future.

When we left Brussels for Paris we still put Stella Vita in the trailer. However driving through Paris was a good opportunity for our drivers to practice driving in convoy. The busy city center of Paris brought a lot of hectic situations with it, where good and clear communication was key. We used another vehicle to replace the role of Stella Vita.

Fixing the technical issues

When we arrived in Paris, we immediately started to unload Vita, to get started with the fixes. Coen and Tessa applied the fix to the drivetrain and found the error. It was assembled a little bit off-center making it wear faster. This meant that we had to apply another fix to make sure it wouldn't happen again.

Lars made some small adjustments to the solar panels, to make sure that we could retrieve more energy from the sun. Martijn, Tycho and Luuk checked the battery and adjusted some small things to make sure everything worked properly.

Dutch Residence

In the afternoon we went to the residence of the Ambassador of the Netherlands in Paris with the whole team. We went to this beautiful place called Hotel d'Avaray.

Here we showed Stella Vita at the entrance, held a short presentation for the invited guests and some of the most important companies in the mobility and energy sector.  Afterwards we had the chance to network with all the people there and enjoy a beautiful Paris at night.

Photo by Bart van Overbeeke

Test day

On Thursday the test crew left early in the morning to go to a circuit located nearby Paris. In the morning half of the crew made the last fixes and the other half had driving training so we could safely enter the circuit.

All in all, the City of Love showed Stella Vita and us the love and willpower to continue our journey to Le Mans on the  public road!

Technocentre Renault

On our last day in Paris we visited the design center of Renault. Stella Vita got a beautiful place in front of the technocentre. The whole team was allowed in and given a tour. We got to see the latest developments from Renault. We talked about how both parties envisage the sustainable future in mobility. Laurens van den Acker, head of Renault Design, was also present to answer our questions.  

Besides the wonderful day at Renault we also made our first meters on the public roads while driving towards the Technocentre. All the testing was finally rewarded and it was a very special moment for us.