The southernmost tip of Europe. The end of our 3000 km tour on the energy of the sun! Hopefully we inspired many people and proved that the transition to a sustainable future can be achieved faster and is closer than we think.

One last time

Our last and final stage, we are almost at the end of our amazing tour. For the last time we had a morning briefing with updates about the weather, road, route and a pep talk before our finish! It is was time to drive the last 350 km on the public road in Spain. Everybody was very excited for this day. 

Photo by Rien Boonstoppel

Our supporters 

While we were busy driving our last kilometers, our friends, family and supporters came to Tarifa to be there with us at the finish line. They decorated the whole finish line at the most southern point of Tarifa, the Frontera Mar Mediterráneo - Océano Atlántico. From flags, banners to even a cup they all thought about it. 

While they were down at the beach, we were waiting on top of the last hill for police escort. After the police arrived we drove to the finish with Stella Vita in front.

Photo by Rien Boonstoppel


Seeing the finish line, our supporters and the mayor of Tarifa, we were getting more and more excited! After reaching the pier, we parked all the other cars and ran towards Stella Vita, which was waiting for us at the beginning of the pier. 

Photo by Rien Boonstoppel

Together with the whole team we were running the last meters of our tour behind Stella Vita. At that moment, we couldn’t be more proud of Stella Vita and each other. Seeing our family and friends made it very special and an unforgettable experience! 

Photo by Rien Boonstoppel

At 19:00 pm we crossed the finish line. WE MADE IT.


After making it to the finish line, there was just one thing that we wanted to do and that was celebrating that we made it all the way to Tarifa with Stella Vita. In one year, 22 students, succeeded to design and build a Self-sustaining House On Wheels. We inspired the world to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable future in terms of energy and mobility. 

Photo by Rien Boonstoppel

We did it.