To make the most of the strong sunshine in Spain. We will stop in Toledo and talk to the university and the municipality here. When we depart, we will be full of energy to make the last stretch.

La Teatina

In Toledo we were invited by Maarten van Ham to stay at the beautiful olive grove “La Teatina”, which is owned by the family of his wife. It is a very peaceful and gorgeous place with thousands of olive trees, spread out over 300 hectares. The olive grove has been in their family for more than a hundred years, but the trees were planted way before that. The oldest trees on the grove are over three hundred years old. We enjoyed our time there with a fire pit and some homemade paella, which was great!

Photo by Rien Boonstoppel 

Plaza Zocodover in the beautiful old town of Toledo

Toledo is a town of very rich history. It has seen many cultures and a lot of interesting things have happened there. It used to be the capital of Spain in the middle ages and it still is the most important city for Christianity in Spain today.

We were lucky enough to be able to present Stella Vita in this beautiful city, at the Plaza Zocodover, which is the main square. Since Toledo is an old city, located on a steep hill, the drive there was very exciting. Luckily, Stella Vita was able to cope with all the obstacles the city brought. It was very nice to see the excitement of the people in Toledo!

Photos by Rien Boonstoppel

Toledo to Córdoba, a challenging stage of the tour

On Tuesday the 12th, we left Toledo to drive to our next destination, Córdoba. The drive was beautiful, through the Spanish countryside and mountains. The mountains proved to be another challenge for Stella Vita. She coped well with them, however. At our second stop, we unfortunately heard a strange noise. We quickly knew we had to make a tough decision again. In view of the safety of our drivers, we decided not to continue driving with Stella Vita. We therefore loaded her into the trailer and finished the rest of the beautiful route like that.

Our next stop is Córdoba, which promises to be another exciting few days.