A city that is developing strongly in the field of mobility. Together with Mobility City, we will organize an event about how mobility fits into a sustainable future. In addition, we will also visit the university to share our mission and knowledge with professors and students. To conclude the visit, we will speak to the mayor and local government of Aragón

Driving through the desert

Driving from Biarritz to Zaragoza was one of the most beautiful stages we drove so far. The stage was 340 km and took us the whole day. We started in the rain and ended in the shining sun. Stella Vita drove from green forests to the beige desert. We drove through the Bardenas Reales which is a semi desert at the foot of Navarre. It was nice to see so many windmills and solar panels in this part of Spain. Good to know that they are thinking of a sustainable future as well. 

Photos by Rien Boonstoppel

Cameras, cameras and cameras 

Our first event day in Zaragoza was immediately a busy one. We started the day with a press moment with Mobility City, Universidad de Zaragoza and IberCaja in Patio de la Infanta. A beautiful old courthouse in the middle of Zaragoza. We ended in the biggest new paper of Zaragoza and came on the news! 

After the press conference, it was time for a photoshoot with Stella Vita in front of the Pabellón Puente. A bridge that was constructed for the Expo 2008. Two futuristic things, one goal: a sustainable future in mobility. 

Photos by Rien Boonstoppel

And to finish the day we had a visit to Universidad de Zaragoza. Here we gave a presentation to the students and shared our knowledge. Also, we got to know their student team who builds their own motorbike. It was really nice to talk with students who do the ‘same’ as we do and see how they build their vehicle.

Photos by Rien Boonstoppel

Plaza del Pilar

To end our visit to Zaragoza, we got the privilege to park our vehicle on one of the biggest squares of Europe. We got there early in the morning so had a beautiful sunrise while we were setting Stella Vita up. While we were standing there a lot of tourists and local people were stopping by and taking some pictures. To top it off we could inspire a big group of young children. We inspired the next generation for a more sustainable future. 

Pictures by Rien Boonstoppel