Self-sustaining House On Wheels

Energy efficiency

Our goal is to reduce the amount of energy required to drive from location A to B. Therefore, we strive for a high energy efficiency and don’t waste energy. SHOW is super efficient and thereby it generates more energy than it consumes while driving. We use the extra energy to use for daily life. There are several aspects that influence the energy efficiency of SHOW.


Aerodynamics refers to the flow of air around the vehicle. This flow depends on the shape of the vehicle. Air resistance causes the vehicle to slow down and consume more energy. Good aerodynamics will reduce your drag and provide for better efficiency.

The most ideal shape, for little air resistance, is a droplet. That means a rounded front end with a streamlined roof and a rear end with as little surface area as possible. The droplet shape is clearly visible in the design of SHOW.


Transporting mass takes a lot of energy. That is why we make sure that SHOW is as light as possible. Everything is designed to be as light and efficient as possible. This is done by using lightweight materials for the interior and exterior. All parts in SHOW have been optimised to be strong enough, but also light.


Renewable energy

The sun is a renewable source of energy that can supply us with all our energy needs. In a single hour, the amount of power from the sun that strikes the Earth is more than the entire world consumes in a year. By using our greatest energy source, the sun, we can make mobility not about energy consumption rather energy production. By putting solar panels on the roof of SHOW, we make efficient use of all the space on the car.


To avoid wasting energy, it is important to have a good understanding of your energy consumption. The infotainment system in SHOW helps you understand how much energy your appliances consume and what you can do with the remaining amount of energy. This allows you to use energy consciously and live sustainably.

The insight into your energy consumption is also useful for making choices. You have to decide whether to spend the energy on your daily life or on driving.

Lifting roof

In order to provide the necessary space for sleeping, cooking and eating, the vehicle has a lifting roof. The lifting roof is folded down when the vehicle is driving to reduce drag. However, when stationary and charging the complete roof will be raised. This creates a much larger and more comfortable space to live in.

When the roof is raised, extra solar panels can be slid out on the sides. As a result we can double the surface area of the solar panels. So, the lifting roof has two important functions for energy efficiency.


Daily life is an important part of SHOW. Therefore, an extensive and lightweight interior is designed. You will not be short of anything. SHOW contains everything you need for your daily needs. A kitchen, bed, sofa, shower and toilet ensure that you can live on the energy of the sun without any limitation.

The interior is designed to blend in perfectly with nature. The large French windows give the feeling of being outdoors and the colours in the interior are chosen to match the colours of the outside. The living space is arranged in such a way that you can cook from both inside and outside. Because of the light furniture, it is easy to move it outside, making the transition from indoor to outdoor living easy.